I want to make this blog because I hate my ISP Bell Canada. Heres what's happening: On Tuesday, firefox and safari said that my bill was overde, ok, i paid it, the people in India said it would take 2 days, it has been 4 days, now as i am writing this i am using someone elses internet connection, I called Bell yesterday morning at 10:00, they said 2 hours, ok, wait 8 hours, no internet, call agian, can you geuss, 2 hours, fine, go to sleep, wake up 12 hours later, NO INTERNET. Bell Canada is THE WORST ISP you will ever have to use, thier customer service has been sucking huge dick ever since they outsouced to India. I am not blaming the Indians, i am blaming the executives and CEO of bell. THEY FUCKING SUCK. I'm probably not going to play cod this 4 day weekend because bell calls me a "valued customer", well if i was so fucking valued, you would give me my fucking internet! I want to know your worst expieriences with ISP?

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