Hello there. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in me making strategy guides for any of the Zombies maps. I would be rather in depth with each guide, and I can do one for any map. The guides would be comprised of strategies I have used and found successful; containing commonly used strategies, strategies I came up with, strategies borrowed from youtubers (I will give credit, of course), or a combination of them, as I tend to put my own spin on things. If anyone is for the creation of the guides, just comment so. Also, I am open for requests, so comment which map I should do first. C:

Edit: the basic layout of the guides will likely be: -

  • About the map
  • An intro to training
  • Waw solo:
 *early rounds 
 *mid rounds 
 *high rounds
  • Coop:
  • Blops solo
*early, mid, high
  • coop
 *early, mid, high
  • Blops 2 solo...etc.

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