So, most of you have noticed that Young Richtofen carries two blood vials with the prison numbers of Sal and Finn from mob of the dead, since Origins. Actually, after completing the zetsubou no shima easter egg, all characters will carry two blood vials, but without any numbers marked on them. Many people thing that these vials have the blood from different versions of the original characters, so that they have an insurance in case something happens. However, according to a cipher, someone, who is propably Richtofen, tells Maxis to give him space coordinates because he needs the blood from different individuals so that he can set his plan in motion. Each origins character carries two blood vials which makes a total of 8 blood vials. Eight are actually the cursed survivors from MOTD and Shadows of Evil and we already know that two blood vials have the numbers from Sal and Finn. So what if Richtofen needs the blood from these specific characters for his plans, and that's actually why these characters are doomed. But the main question is, why does he need their blood? Also, when the origins crew teleported from Zetsubou no Shima to set "a chain of events in motion", the teleporter was similar to the one from shadows of evil, propably indicating that the origins crew travelled to the dimension of MOTD and SOA. What do you guys think about the role of these blood vials in the zombies storyline?

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