• Man in Tidy Whities

    A lot of weapons in Infinite Warfare are based on actual weapons that exists in real life. This post is created if in case you need to add trivial info to dedicated wiki pages or to another site like IMFDB(Internet Movie Firearm Database). "Classic" weapons NOT included. This has been made out of my spare time and boredom, and should be taken with a grain of salt.

    Anyway, here are some weapons based on my observations. Some of them are based on a weapon entirely, some of them are of original design with parts derived from real weapons, and some of them which I like to call "frankenguns(2+ guns mixed together)".


    Assault rifles:

    NV4= M4 carbine


    KBAR 32= Tavor Assault Rifle

    Type 2= FMG 9

    Volk= A…

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  • Man in Tidy Whities

    After playing Shadows of Evil for many hours, being impressed at how Zombies was vastly improved compared to recent entries, and how there are so many great and effective weapons in BO3 than there are in BO2(thank Vonderhaar for no SMR or War Machine). Though all weapons are great and fun to use, there are some weapons that are just either not effective or practical. So here are some weapons in BO3 Zombies, that are the 'WORST,' in no particular order.

    Note: This is experience from playing Shadows of Evil. No The Giant(Black Ops 3) gameplay experience is included.

    A bolt-action sniper rifle. Though it is very powerful, it is not very practical. You would have to grind many rounds with this weapon in order to get the necessary attachments to …

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