After playing Shadows of Evil for many hours, being impressed at how Zombies was vastly improved compared to recent entries, and how there are so many great and effective weapons in BO3 than there are in BO2(thank Vonderhaar for no SMR or War Machine). Though all weapons are great and fun to use, there are some weapons that are just either not effective or practical. So here are some weapons in BO3 Zombies, that are the 'WORST,' in no particular order.

Note: This is experience from playing Shadows of Evil. No The Giant(Black Ops 3) gameplay experience is included.

The List


File:SVG-100 menu icon BO3.png
A bolt-action sniper rifle. Though it is very powerful, it is not very practical. You would have to grind many rounds with this weapon in order to get the necessary attachments to mow down a horde. If you get this weapon and have access to ELO sight, Fast Mag, and Rapid Fire, rack up some points and hit the Mystery Box again. If you don't have the necessary attachments, then that's too bad. The Drakon and Locus outclasses this slow cannon with a scope, because the Drakon is semi-auto, and the Locus has a faster bolt cycle, plus you can find it for free in a Harvest Pod if you're lucky.


File:XM-53 Menu Icon BOIII.png

A rocket launcher. They're impractical to use because you are facing zombies at close range, and if you use this at close range you will down yourself. But face it. The M72 LAW was great in BO1 because of the inclusion of PhD Flopper, negating taking damage from the explosion, and it holds a lot of rockets before reloading. Now of course there is a GobbleGum called Danger Closest, which negates splash damage, but that only lasts for 3 rounds before it's gone. In other words, it's a rocket launcher, it's impractical and cumbersome, 'nough said.


File:Gorgon menu icon BO3.png

You think that an LMG with the SLOWEST rate of fire can destroy a zombie train within 2 seconds? Think again. The Gorgon is not a very good choice to use in terms of either damage or DPS. It is also not an effective weapon to get headshots with. You're gonna need Double Tap Root Beer to increase its fire rate and damage, as well as Rapid Fire to increase its already slow RoF, and Speed Cola for its lengthy reload. I haven't got this weapon most of the time and underleveled to appreciate what it has to offer. Like the SVG-100 as said before, if you can get the necessary attachments, it might be effective. But other than that, it is outclassed by the BRM and/or the Dingo, both for their tolerable rates of fire and damage.


Pharo menu icon BO3

No words can describe how bad this weapon is. It is the only Box weapon in Zombies that gets me frustrated at how bad this peashooter is. It is like the Chicom CQB from BO2, but slightly better. Why slightly better? It has a 4 round burst as opposed to 3. But that is not the point. This peashooter takes like 2-3 bursts to kill a zombie with a headshot. And because it's a low damage weapon with a low ammo capacity, this thing is only good for racking up points before hitting the Box again. Any SMG is a better option than this.


In other words, the weapons in Black Ops 3 are way better than the ones in Black Ops 2. To me, the weapons that have been listed are the ones that gets me frustrated and can possibly ruin a good game of Zombies. If there are other weapons in Black Ops 3 that you think are the worst, sound off in the comments below.

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