Hello My name is Manglytyg and today I am talking about signatures. Now bear in mind I myself am a noob at this. I only just learned how to create one thanks to Laagone and many others and I don't know how to properly add the background image so I am not a expert on signatures at all. This is not a tutorial on them because again I suck at signatures and there are many other better sites dedicated to helping you on that.

Anyway the first time I saw a signature was on the Five Nights at Freddy's wiki. One of the users Taz Da Wolf had signed his signature on the site. Ever since then I had a interest into how he did that. Then I came onto this wiki and I saw other users using signatures to. Now because I was a noob at the time and I was more concerned about the wiki the signatures never concerned me much to take a interest in them.

Then yesterday as I was on the wiki I decided that I would sign my name and I saw the unimpressive normal sign. The constant usage of that kind of made me vomit inside. So I decided to create a forum titled how do you create signatures and low and behold a user by the name of Laagon linked me to the blog on signatures

Then After at least a hour of editing and working through the signature I was ready to post it and the site crashed. I was very mad as you can understand and I opened it again and did the long process again for another 1 hour. It was both frustrating and annoying. But at the end I had a signature a signature I could call my own.

It is not as impressive as any of the other signatures I have seen I can tell you that but the accomplishment of actually doing something successful is amazing despite the hard work and long hours you put in to accomplish the goal.

Or you could give up and never achieve the goal of having your own creation behind you. The lack of that to me is something that should never be seen by a person. I just hope you guys can also be successful in your signature creations.

Manglytyg ['talk page]

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