Hello Everybody my name is Manglytyg and today I will be discussing my top ten favourite Call Of Duty weapons today. Note this is a very subjective list so if you don't like these weapons or think of them as great I apologise. Anyway lets get to It.

""Number 10 : The RPD ""

Many people wonder why I list this gun as my number ten. The RPD is a brilliant weapon boasting both extreme firepower and a large stack of ammo to go with it. This beast of a gun can turn a game going bad into a game going for the victory. with its 400 ammo reserves as well one can comfortably enjoy spewing bullets along with its good iron sights and low recoil one can simply just sit and relax as they spew bullets on players.

""Number 9 : The Python""

For a gun that is extremely small this weapon makes a extremely loud impact. Very rarely seen in the game this gun made a small but large impact on the game itself. Acting like a miniature sniper and assault rifle combined this little gun is very easy to control, boasts almost zero recoils and makes you like awesome as you use it. The ammos size is decent but for a pistol is pretty comfortable and again you look cool while using it

""Number 8 : The Ak-47""

To be honest if I could list a very good guerilla type of gun the ak-47 tops the list. This gun has a very low amount of recoil which makes it perfect for jungle to mountain situations, has a very good sight so the player can play a little game of sniper without the sniper rifle, has a fast reload time and a good ammo size. This gun truly puts the letter g in guerrilla.

""Number 7 : The Desert Eagle""

Probably the most over dramatized gun in the series. This gun has appeared in countless movie sequences in the game, countless dramatic gun noises and constant epic moments in the game. This gun is both very reliable, useful and powerful. Boasting a capable ammo size with a very small recoil if one wants to get out of a sticky situation or wants to look very cool this gun is your man.

""Number 6 : The Thompson""

The Thompson the world war 2 beast of a gun. This gun is both very reliable and powerful with a combination of control mixed into it. One of the most popular Cod World War two guns the Thompson has a very good sight, with a nice recoil limitation and a good amount of ammo with it one will be comfortable with this gun.

""Number 5 : The Flamethrower""

The gun with fire, the flamethrower is probably one of the most remembered guns in the cod franchise. Marking the first time people could be lit on fire in the series, the flamethrower for a gun of petrol makes players mark in fun. Spewing flames instead of ammo one can never run out of ammo and with no recoil at all this gun is truly beast.

""Number 4 : The ACR""

This gun the beast of all guns to me. Probably the best assault rifle of both mw2 and the series as a whole. The gun for its size can hole more ammo than even the strongest and most powerful machine gun holding over 1000 ammo this gun holds the most ammo in the game. It has a perfect sight and very low recoil and has personally helped with all kinds of situations. This gun deserves the Assault Rifle best medal and can wear it with pride.

""Number 3 : The Crossbow""

A gun for fun. The Crossbow has been a very fun gun to myself. If you want to diverge from the usual bore of firing bullets get the crossbow and you can fire arrows all around. Not only can you just fire arrows you also can fire exploding arrows blowing up players on top of looking very cool. This gun has truly earned its spot on the number three.

""Number 4 : The Barrette 5.0""

As a sniper in Cod this gun is the best sniper in usage. Players truly love to see this gun in the game. With its almost perfect accuracy and extremely good iron sights one can easily snipe other players with little to no trouble at all. With its comfortable ammo one can simply relax and enjoy sniping other people during the chaos. This gun is truly hands down the best sniper rifle in the cod franchise.

""Honourable mentions""

Before we go on the best gun to me here are a few honourable mentions of guns that would have made the list had the other guns either not been there or I had a larger list

""Number 1 : The MP40""

This gun is very good and can help players in multiple situations, however it was between this gun and the Thompson and while the MP40is good it has a very small fire rate, not very good iron sights and unfortunately doesn't boost very good ammo.

""Number 2 : The Commando""

This is a very good gun, being good with the recoil and ammo, but unfortunately in comparison to the ACAR this gun lags behind. Not only is the ammo sixe significantly smaller but the iron sight and recoil is very bad in comparison which is why the ACR is on the list and not the Commando

""Number 3 : The model 1987""

The best shotgun of mw2 this gun deserves its spot on the list but unfortunately I didn't have enough space to fit this gun and I always favoured machine guns over shotguns so unfortunately I had to go with the RPD. Had the list been a top 11 I would have added this gun but as this is a top 10 I couldn't.

Now without further adow

""Number 1 : The PPSH44""

Now who here was surprised to see this gun I mean come on really who. This gun is probably the most popular gun of the entire Cod Franchise. A fan favourite this gun boasts a huge ammo size of 700. Acting as a combination of both a machine gun and sniper this gun for a smg is probably extremely powerful and with low recoil and amazing aim and expert loading time this gun truly marks the games fun and glory days. Long live the ppsh this gun deserves the medal with pride

And that's my top 10 guns what are guns you guys like and do you agree with this list or not. If you want to share your top ten guns then comment bellow in the comment section below. Also what are some top tens you guys want to see and did you guys enjoy this blog. I hope to see feedback and will see you in the next blog post for now goodbye and thank you for reading



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