Sorry about the title but it seems ever since MW3 Cod has been lagging behind it's predecessors. We all remember Co1- Mw2 and they were great games but then MW3 came out and it seems like the series is dying. This is sad for me as I am a Cod Fanatic despite my username I loved the Cod series since 2009 and it is my favourite first person shooter. But the dying series is shocking to me and it makes me wonder why a great series has turned into the shell it is now.

We never expected the Cod series to last forever but I hoped that the series would at least last until Cod 10 but Cod ghosts makes me worry that the day may never happen. If we don't see another good Infinity Ward game then the series will die and that is something I hope never happens. For my favorite game series which realised amazing classics like MW4, MW2 and the first two Cods to die after only two bad games is like if a pizzeria lost all its customers due to one bad pizza. It is so sudden and unexpected yet it is very quick to happen and that concerns me

Maybe the series wont die but I doubt it will ever become as popular as it was. If you look at the wiki four years ago the activity on it was heavy. Now the activity is lagging due to the game series loosing interest among the fandom. The series wont die for a while yes but will it continue to be as popular as it once was is the question.



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