Tier 1:

Marathon: 2x sprint duration.

Marathon Pro: Faster climbing and mounting, no falling damage.

Bandolier: Extra magazines for both weapons.

Bandolier Pro: An extra lethal and tactical grenade.

Bling: Two primary weapon attachments (excluding underbarreled).

Bling Pro: Two secondary weapon attachments or allow underbarreled attachments.

High Roller: "Steal" enemy COD Points (depending on gamemode) through headshots and backstabs.

High Roller Pro: 1.5x (or 2x) experience from anything XP related (forfiets primary weapon).

Camoflauge: 33% invisibility when prone (makes soft hum noise when close by).

Camoflauge Pro: 75% invisibility when prone and 33% when crouched (soft hum when close by).

Hardline: 1 less kill for killstreaks.

Hardline Pro: Re-roll care packages.

Tier 2

Stopping Power: 1.25x increased bullet damage.

Stopping Power Pro: Increased damage done to killstreaks.

Juggernaut: 1.25x increased resistance to bullets.

Juggernaut Pro: Survive one knife slash.

Danger Close: 1.25x increased explosive damage (excludes grenade launchers).

Danger Close Pro: Grenades and Semtex can be set faster and thrown further.

Flak Jacket: Increased protection from explosives (same as B.O.)

Flak Jacket Pro: No fire damage and toss back enemy grenades.

Cold-Blooded: Invisible to UAVs.

Cold-Blooded Pro: Invisible to enemy killstreaks, turrets and no red name or crosshairs.

Lightweight: Faster movement.

Lightweight Pro: Jump higher and further, faster knife recovery.

Tier 3:

Sleight of Hand: Faster reloading.

Sleight of Hand Pro: Faster ADS and weapon switching.

Steady Aim: Increased hip-fire accuracy.

Steady Aim Pro: Faster Aim after sprinting and hold breath longer when scoped.

Ninja: Invisible to Motion Sensors, Heartbeat sensors, etc.

Ninja Pro: Silent footsteps, does not trip claymores if crouched or prone past them.

Bomb Squad: See enemy equipment and turrets (with COD4 symbol).

Bomb Squad Pro: Turn enemy equipment and killstreaks friendly, booby trap care packages.

Deep Impact: Increased surface penertration

Deep Impact Pro: Reduced flinch and increased flinch damage.

Reconissance: See enemy turrets, equipment, killstreaks, dogs and airstrike locations.

Reconassince Pro: Appear as a friendly on the enemy radar.


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