• Marcus903

    Why is it that sometimes when I get to the loading screen of a map, the disc stops spinning and the game decides to go 'The disk is unreadable'? WHAT THE FUCK?

    This isn't the first CoD game to have this happen, Black Ops, Modern Warfare 2, and World at War did the same thing.

    What is the problem?

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  • Marcus903

    Do anyone want to play some private matches? I want to try to get a full party of 18 people. If you want to join, message me at marcusrenfro774. I also want you to invite some friends.

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  • Marcus903

    Call of Duty is a good series and I enjoy playing it. But here is the things I hate about the entire series.

    Call of Duty: World at War

    • Your health going down in just a few hits, even on 'Regular'.
    • Snipers being hard to 'steady'.
    • Enemies somehow surviving a full blast of a grenade.
    • Sniper Rifle is too overpowered and too overused.

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 & 3

    • 'Regular' seeming like an casual version of 'Hardened'.
    • Allies not even able to kill a single enemy, their bullets always fly past the enemy, not on them. In other words, their aiming just sucks.
    • Maps being made exclusively for campers.
    • A penalty for accidentally shooting a civilian, not killing.
    • Friendly Fire is off, but you get a penalty for shooting an ally.
    • The enemy gets to have dogs, …
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  • Marcus903

    I've been hearing from many people including Activisition that Call of Duty 9 will be released in November 2012. I've started this Blog post to hear what YOU think about the project.

    I think it will be made by Treyarch. It would be nice if it was a sequel to Black Ops, and it would also be nice if it had a different setting, such as the Iraq War.

    Here is some essential questions if you need help thinking of some theories...

    1. Who will make Call of Duty 9?

    2. Where should Call of Duty 9 take place?

    3. What should the working title of Call of Duty 9 be called?

    4. Should you return to playing as 'Mason' or should you play as another character?

    5. Should it take place during World War 2?

    What do YOU think?

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