• Marksman 486

    Assault Rifles:

    • Steyr AUG
    • AK-74
    • G36
    • SOAR (Special Operations Assault Rifle)
    • QBZ-95
    • G3
    • FN FAL
    • SCAR-L
    • M14

    Sub Machine Guns:

    • MP7
    • Macro-Uzi
    • Type 05

    Machine Guns:

    • RPK74
    • M60
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  • Marksman 486


    August 24, 2010 by Marksman 486

    Here is a list of killstreaks for Call of Duty that I came up with:

    Mortar Crew: (9 kills in a row)

    A helicopter will drop a mortar where ever you please. You can use the mortar to destroy Harriers, Helicopters, and Pave Lows.

    It can be destroyed by shooting the mortar, or using explosives.

    Aerial Gunner:(7 kills in a row)

    You will be able to man a mount a Mk 19 grenade launcher on a helicopter and fire at troops on the ground, or shoot down other helicopters.

    The helicopter can be shot down by rockets, grenades, shooting at either the helicopter blades, or shooting the gunner.

    Disabled:(6 kills in a row)

    Red dot sights, holographic sights, ACOGs',and thermal sights cannot be used and are disabled for 60 seconds.

    Flamethrower:(10 kills in a row)


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  • Marksman 486

    Many weapons in World at war are great, but only few are excellent.

    One is the Thompson. It has managable recoil, and excellent power.

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