• MarlboroNS

    What I think of Blops II

    November 25, 2012 by MarlboroNS

    tl;dr I actually like a Treyarch game!

    Coming into Blops 2 I wasn't hopeful. WaW and BO1 had easily been my least favourite CoD games and I wasn't overly impressed with the early trailers or the name of the game. Still, I have been very pleasantly surprised with the game, so I thought I would write my own ickle review of the game.

    Campaign: The weakest element. Very short and tbh I don't really understand it. Maybe I'll have to play through it again at some point (it won't take very long) and pay more attention. I also thought that Strike Force missions were very poorly explained and well blerrr. I was dissapointed with the length, the complete lack of any stealth mission and the death of Kravtchenko especially. However, I did enjoy the choi…

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  • MarlboroNS

    War just ain't war in CoD.

    September 29, 2012 by MarlboroNS

    IMPORTANT: The only games I discuss and want to discuss here are the three MW games.

    To those of you who haven't burnt, shot, sold etc. Modern Warfare 2, hop on. Don't go on multiplayer, go on campaign, and more specifically, Of Their Own Accord. When you step outside into the warzone, look around you. Apache gunships patrol the air. Tanks lumber down the road. Fighter jets scream through the night sky. Your playing as an American, but very, very, unusually, its actually your team that is getting routed. Your allies are blowing up next to you left, right and centre. This is the perfect atmosphere for an actual war.

    Creating a war is easy. Making a player actually engage in it and care about his allies is another. The MW war, the Ultranationa…

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  • MarlboroNS

    Sup ludz? I have been very inactive here recently, mainly due to CoD become slightly stale for me and my inspired desicion to finally buy Skyrim. Anyway, I have missed a ton of info regarding Treyarch's latest game, and so have spent a while today reading about it and watching various trailers. Alas, I still have a few questions which I would love to get answered. (NOTE: This is not a blog slamming Treyarch! Shocking isin't it?)

    1. How is Woods still alive? I have found no explanation. (Surely if he was alive he would have accompanied Mason on the final few missions of BO1....). This looks very, um, re-hashed for a lack of better wording.

    2. There are rumours that Reznov is alive. Clearly Zombies is confirmed for the campaign then. Maybe Pet…

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  • MarlboroNS

    The ACR...

    April 5, 2012 by MarlboroNS

    Now, as I think many of you will agree that MW3 is a good game, and at very least lives up to the CoD moniker. There is very little that gets me genuinley frustrated with this game; to be honest there are only about five things. The first two are occasional irritations: Deathstreaks and Lag Compensation. Deathstreaks have no place in the game, and I have not met a single person who thinks they add to the game. Lag compensation does piss me off, but all in all having the best internet connection isin't mandatory like some previous CoD games (WaW springs to mind here). The next three are guns: The FMG9, MP7 and ACR 6.8. The FMG9's render every other secondary obsolete in my opinion, and the G18 is completley pointless as it is the FMG9 with …

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  • MarlboroNS

    Things I hate about MW3.

    February 17, 2012 by MarlboroNS

    You all know me as the guy who hates 3arc. And whilst I love MW3, there are a few things about it that I utterly despise. Please leave your thoughts.

    1. Blind Eye (not Assassin, just Blind Eye). I have nothing against people who use Assassin, as they are combating the grossly overpowered UAV, but people who use Blind Eye tend to be people who hide in my experience, which is not fun.

    2. FMG9 Akimbo. Lowers the fun and frame rate.

    3. MP7 (aka Death Machine with less recoil). Go into a SnD lobby and 10/12 players will use this gun. It needs 6 shots to kill at range IMO.

    4. The knife range and ease of use. Panic knifers are far more common on this title. Please get rid of the knife.

    5. Outpost and Bakaara. The two largest and worse maps in the game…

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