About 10 minutes ago I got my second MOAB, and as soon as the match ended I went to watch it in theater. As I left the lobby the game glitched and disconnected me. When I re-signed in the MOAB game was gone along with about an hour of other gameplay. This is about the 10th time my stats on this game have been deleted and to be honest i'm at a loss. Once again IW make a fantastic game but just has one or two problems which put me off it.

1. The most frustrating thing in this game for me is the connection. I have a very strong connection which frequently leads me getting host, which was a godsend in previous CoD's. However in MW3 it is nothing but a hindrance. Every new lobby I join I instantly become host and my score collapses. I beg you to fix this.

2. The second thing that is wrong with the game is the stat deletes. As I mentioned above this has happened to me numerous times and is extraordinarily annoying. Along with that MOAB, I have lost Osprey Gunners, max levelling etc due to this. Apparentley if you leave a game half way through this happens, but I have only done this twice on MW3 (both times when I joined a game on Ground War and the enemy had a ton of air support) so I am understandably confused why this always happens to me.

3. Another problem that is exclusive to me is that my vault refuses to work. I cannot view games saved there (the message "Out of memory7 appears when I try to view it) so good games which I would like to see from a while ago cannot be viewed. This annoys me.

As far as how MW3 plays online, I love it. Very fun, fast paced and entertaining. It would be my favourite in the series if it wasn't for these issues. I welcome any advice on how to deal with these problems. MarlboroNS 22:01, December 20, 2011 (UTC)

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