Sup ludz? I have been very inactive here recently, mainly due to CoD become slightly stale for me and my inspired desicion to finally buy Skyrim. Anyway, I have missed a ton of info regarding Treyarch's latest game, and so have spent a while today reading about it and watching various trailers. Alas, I still have a few questions which I would love to get answered. (NOTE: This is not a blog slamming Treyarch! Shocking isin't it?)

1. How is Woods still alive? I have found no explanation. (Surely if he was alive he would have accompanied Mason on the final few missions of BO1....). This looks very, um, re-hashed for a lack of better wording.

2. There are rumours that Reznov is alive. Clearly Zombies is confirmed for the campaign then. Maybe Petrenko, Chernov, Clarke, Bowman etc. will make a return. Sorry. This is just a pet peeve of mine. I hate unrealistic come backs in video games, especially when you witnessed their deaths. What I wanted to know was if this was confirmed or speculation, although Reznov's page has the "II" box on top, which probably means it is true.

3. The engine is modified WaW, correct?

4. That sniper can see through walls? Really? Can someone link me a source or video that actually shows this happening in RL?

5. Does the XM8 really re-use the G36c's reload animation or is it a placeholder? (Lazeeeee)

6. Is the entire future part in Los Angeles only?

7. Are they really nerfing the stealth perk again? I have a better idea: get rid of the UAV or make it a 34 killstreak. Been OP since CoD4, highly OP since Hardline was introduced.

That's about it. One final thing: this is more of a joke, but I will LOL x if I am proved right. If the Type 25 remains like it is in that trailer it will be overpowered. It has no recoil, a very high RoF, clean irons and quick reload. Watch this space.

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