Now, as I think many of you will agree that MW3 is a good game, and at very least lives up to the CoD moniker. There is very little that gets me genuinley frustrated with this game; to be honest there are only about five things. The first two are occasional irritations: Deathstreaks and Lag Compensation. Deathstreaks have no place in the game, and I have not met a single person who thinks they add to the game. Lag compensation does piss me off, but all in all having the best internet connection isin't mandatory like some previous CoD games (WaW springs to mind here). The next three are guns: The FMG9, MP7 and ACR 6.8. The FMG9's render every other secondary obsolete in my opinion, and the G18 is completley pointless as it is the FMG9 with more recoil and a smaller mag. The MP7 is only a problem because it has a five hit kill at range instead of six, and no recoil. They should have made it more like the Vector IMO. The ACR however, makes me lose my voice shouting at my screen. The gun is OP, and I will take no arguements. Its also INCREDIBLY overused, as shown in the video below. The vid is funny and I love the commentator (Pyrotoz) but just watch the killfeed. Its ridicolous.

The gun has no recoil, a four hit kill max, clean irons, good size mags, huge selection of attachments and a good RoF. It renders ALL of the AR's useless, except the Type 95 and MK14, but only because they aren't auto. IW, I BEG you to patch this gun. All it needs is a five hit kill at range and a slight increase in recoil.

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