tl;dr I actually like a Treyarch game!

Coming into Blops 2 I wasn't hopeful. WaW and BO1 had easily been my least favourite CoD games and I wasn't overly impressed with the early trailers or the name of the game. Still, I have been very pleasantly surprised with the game, so I thought I would write my own ickle review of the game.

Campaign: The weakest element. Very short and tbh I don't really understand it. Maybe I'll have to play through it again at some point (it won't take very long) and pay more attention. I also thought that Strike Force missions were very poorly explained and well blerrr. I was dissapointed with the length, the complete lack of any stealth mission and the death of Kravtchenko especially. However, I did enjoy the choices you can make and the create a class element. Both excellent and sorely needed. I compare campaigns to the greatest one- CoD4. Sadly BOII can't hold a candle to it.

Zombies: Meh. That's all I can say. It is enjoyable but is far from its WaW Der Riese heyday. TranZit is fun but I find it very confusing. Not bad per say but I think it is overtly difficult. Grief is fantastic and a great introduction. 3arc should definetly include this mode in all their DLC. Survival is my favourite, but would be so much better with larger maps. I do love the leaderboards they've added: it is great to finally keep count of all the kills i've ever got. But then again I wish they added more to Zombies. Besides from Tombstone Soda and teh Jet Gun, what's new? The guns are all clones from BOI (eg Famas-Type 25) and the maps still lack a camping spot to make less skilled players actually do well. In summary: good, but can do better.

Multiplayer: My favourite part! Actually innovates rather than following the norm. Before I start, I will put out the disclaimer that BOII was lucky to be pitched against IW's weakest offering this time around rather than when BOI was pitched against their strongest. It is much better than MW3 in the simple fact that different guns are actually used by the players (NO MORE ACR SPAM!!). I will start with the negatives. The maps are still poorer than all games previously except MW3. Lag compenation desperatly needs a nerf. The Snipers are an eeenssy bit OP IMO. Ghost and the silencer are unlocked waayy too late and the UAV continues to be spammed. Nevertheless I still find this game to be very enjoyable. The Pick 10 system is superb. The scorestreaks are hard to get but oh so enjoyable when you get them. Explosives actually do something, Scavanger has use again. Occasionaly people actually move around the map. All of the new equipment and attachments aren't OP or underpowered. The MP experience is challenging but compelling. Kudos 3arc. You've done a good job.

To finish, I will simply say that BOII has moved into 2nd in my list of fave CoD's. A througly worth getting game.

Campaign: 6/10

Zombies: 7/10

MP: 9/10

Overall: 8/10

MarlboroNS (talk) 10:24, November 25, 2012 (UTC)

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