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  • MasterPM

    April 29, 2012 by MasterPM

    Hello everyone.

    You'll never beleive what I found, Well, meybe you will. Anyway, I was going about my daily stuff on DeviantART and I saw this: [1] Well, Iooked up this thing and it seems to be a fan-made series, of Nazi Zombies fronm World at War and Black Ops, in the making made by four Russians (?). It seems interesting. While the character depictions are somewhat off-key, it's nontheless "Nazi Zombie"-ish. It's worth a look: [2]

    Also, does it seem that the teaser poster looks very...Black Ops-ish? Might be me.

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  • MasterPM

    Apoplypctic games?

    February 2, 2012 by MasterPM

    As you know, that whole Call of Duty Iron Wolf thing has stirred up the whole of this blogbase. People say it's real, people say it's fake. Arguments all over the internet.

    Perhaps it's like that MW3 'website' made by We Can Pretend. Perhaps it really IS a Phising website? We don't know. However, in response to this, I have thought of a Call of Duty in a post-apopolyptic setting. Let's be honest, realism was really scewed by the time we had so called 'Russians' hoarding shitloads of WMDs (seriously, why do most AMERICAN games think that?) and Nazi Zombies being shot at with green energy balls and all sorts of energetic stuff.

    Post-apopolyptic games are getting more popular now it's 2012 (the so called doom year), so maybe Call of Duty Armageā€¦

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