Hi guys, i am here to tell you something that i noticed.

I was playing one of the Strike Force missions on Black Ops 2, and noticed that one of the SDC soldiers had Blue eyes, i know its not important and i didnt care at that moment, but later i realized that all of the SDC soldiers have Blue eyes and its weird becouse the SDC are Chinese and most of the people in China have Brown eyes, and i know that there are many Asians with brigth eye colors,but is not something verry comon.

I know its not the big deal but i want to know, is it like this in all the consoles? i am playing on the  XBOX 360, i dont know if its just me, so if anyone else sees the same tell me,this could be a glitch or nothing important.

Plus question what is your ethnicity,race and eye color.....who knows, maybe there are some Chinese people with Blue eyes around here, i am Mexican and i have dark Hazel eyes.

Thanks for the atention.

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