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  • Mastererium

    Just watch the opening narative to CoD FH and you'll see what I mean.

    Incase you can't find it, a Call Of Duty is to answere the Call to go to war. CoD 1 2 FH, 3 and WaW did this very well, playing as a soldier with no real importance over any other. CoD 4 did do it but MW2 and BO strayed off. And with the journal entries in Finest Hour and CoD 2 with the soliders saying that they wish to go home after the war and what's going on through the night before the next level. And if you guys remember that Russian dude you play as in the start of FH, he says he just wants to go home and start a flower shop for him and his wife and newborn child.

    MW2 - Modern Warfare 2's start was great. But it was towards the end that it started to mess up. With Pr…

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  • Mastererium

    Just thinking, if the website is a hoax then why is it still counting down? Nearly everyone who knew about it has read that it's supposebly a "hoax" but it's still counting down? In my opinion, I do believe it's legit but what do you guys think? Especially since GKNOVA6 was meant to be fake but turned out real.MetallicaFTW. 08:11, February 27, 2011 (UTC)

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