Greetings to one and all!

Here I present my Ultimate Call of Duty, but I think also my wish, perhaps a little too imaginative future of Call of Duty.

Here we are in 2015, we know that album will come out, this is Black Ops 3 and we all hope that this game will give a boost to the series, which had its worst two games (for me) namely Ghosts and Advanced Warfare.

According to rumors, the next CoD (2016) will unroll during the Second World War. I have seen articles like what it would be interesting to travel in space the series (referring to the campaign of Ghosts). However saw the end of Ghosts, everything seemed to indicate that there will be a Ghosts 2.

As for the suite of Advanced Warfare, the director of Sledgehammer Games has announced a AW 2 in 2017.

And according to rumors, Black Ops 3 would be the last play of the trilogy based Treyarch.

That is why I made this list below, which for me, is the most likely result of the series:

Call of Duty: Ghosts 2 (2016) (IW)

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare 2 (2017) (S)

Call of Duty: World at War 2 (2018) (T)

Call of Duty: Ghost 3 (2019) (IW)

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare 3 (2020) (S)

For me, so I see a Ghosts trilogy, a trilogy for Advanced Warfare and World at War return ... After that, I do not imagine too the future of the series .. I think Call of Duty happen on that date (2020) but then it would be hard not? Or it would be repetitive and infinite (Ghosts 4, AW 4, WaW 3,Ghosts 5, AW 5 , WaW 4, ...)

This will undoubtedly be the case unless Activision stopped the license or creates new sets of names except AW, Ghosts or Black Ops, like how everyone was surprised a Ghosts instead of a Modern Warfare 4 (which could resurface perhaps) ..

For my part, I imagined the future of the series after 2020. I believe my imagination went a little too far xD Give me your opinion ...

I begin ; for me the next generation console (normally leave every 7 years so in 2020 or 2021) will be the last console without hardware doubt (that is to say with a box), anything done online on the Internet in Cloud after the next generation ...

So I imagined that Activision stopped the show after AW 3 in 2020, though the next consoles like the Xbox Two  or Playstation 5 (let's call them that) come the following year (2021) ..

Activision actually be working on a final episode of Call of Duty, gathering the three largest companies, namely Treyarch, Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games together all three, with the help of Neversoft and Raven Software.

They want to skip this generation console, leaving it to the series to another studio to continue the series for those addicted to the series during the development time, to try to create the ultimate episode that will close the series , who can not receive critical because it will be perfect.

That's why the arrival of future technologies, such as the rise of augmented reality , virtual reality , games of controled by thinking or Cloud with the help of the Internet, allow the creation of the game.

So for me, in 2029, released the Nexus console, rather it is a concept that a console, you use just your thinking and Nexus execute your orders.

Thus, this concept will come out in 2029 (as you have to allow time for technology to make its progression), Activision will base on this concept to create a Call of Duty Ultimate.

Indeed, the studio still wait four more years to perfect his game with the arrival of this new concept.

So Activision this game get out on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the series (which began in 2003) in 2033. This final game would have cost them nearly 1000 Employers of 3 companies, who would work every day on this game for 13 years (a very very long time waiting for the players but necessary for developers to create the ultimate game).

So this game will possess all the campaigns of every Call of Duty  realized by any company, the multiplayer would do the same with all maps, weapons, point series, ... all Call of Duty but also any secondary modes ( Zombies, Extinction, Spec Ops, Exo-Zombies, ...) with all maps, weapons, ...

But above all the great novelty of the new game, which will be the whole heart of it, would be his creation mode. Thus one could, thanks to the Nexus concept entirely controlled by our thoughts, creating ourselves our own single-player campaign with the weapons we want to use at any location, ...

It would be the same for the Zombie, Spec Ops, Extinction ... We could choose what we want happening in our heads to create our own adventure.

The focus would primarily be on the multiplayer mode; Indeed, we can create our own map from A to Z just with our thinking, we will control exactly what you will .. (example: You want to have dinosaurs that attack your enemies after 7 eliminations Hardly you Think about this and Nexus will handle modeling ..), you can set your own parameters, your own weapons, your own Kill-streaks, your own games, ... EVERYTHING possible, you will be the only master of your game and you can do exactly what you want ...

This will call for Call of Duty Infinity infinity summarizes the whole game at once.

After I still wonder if Nexus will model our thoughts through a television or an augmented reality headset .. I also wonder if we continue to play this game with the help of a joystick or not. .

Many questions are still without answers ..

Well, back on Earth ^^ That was my Call of Duty Ultimate ... What did you think? Is it possible ? Or completely impossible? But I grant you that that sounds totally imaginable .. Or is that 2033 is too close to us to imagine that?

And what is your Ultimate Call of Duty? Break it down and let me express your imagination as I did

See also critical and imaginative !

Soon, Math34

PS : Sorry for my English , I'm French... If you have a problem of comprehension , say it to me ;) 

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