Hello to all and all, I wanted your opinion on the future of the series.

What year for you, you see the series end?

What do you think of his future?

Would this're going to turn to a too futuristic to HALO?

Or you see Activision returned at the time of the World Wars?

Or do you see what other alternatives which enrichment series (time travel, combat in space to quote my examples)?

With new (augmented reality, ...) that could make video games in the future, how do you see a future Call of Duty, one in 10,15 years (if there ..)?

And generally how do you see the future of video games in 10,15 years?

What improvements, innovations, ... do you see in the next installment of the campaign point of view,multiplayer ,zombie mode /extinction / special operations?

Do you think that the Call of Duty series is unlimited for all?

Your opinion interested.

Thank you. Math34

Ps : Sorry for my english , I'm French :/

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