• Maxkoenraadl

    I pearsonally love the Tactical knife on Mw2. I just want to know what you think of it and/or talk about why you do/don't like it.

    Comment below on your thoughts! You never know maby you just might like it more that you thought...

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  • Maxkoenraadl

    "P-P-P-Pow! Right in the kisser!"

    "You have serious issues my friend!"

    "Oh yeah, well check this AAAARGH!!"

    "Right in the face!"

    "I do some wack stuff."

    Ryan and Sam when Ryan hits a Juggernaught and a Milita in the face.

    Ryan "Pow" Morris is a Scottish charactor with serious ager issues in Call of Duty 11. He fights for the British army for 8 years until he is picked for the Task Force 141. He is mostly known for his stupid acts. He will run up to a juggernought and punch him in the face! He is not a playable charactor but can be switched to on the special bonus mission "Whoever you like" where you can switch to whoever you like.

    To be finished...

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  • Maxkoenraadl

    Mike Myres rules

    June 27, 2010 by Maxkoenraadl

    These are the rules for the game Mike Myres.

    • Only the last alive can kill (both teams).
    • On one of the teams you can only have 1 player, he is know as 'The Mike'.
    • Only the Mike can kill untill you have a last alive on their team.
    • Only played on S&D (Search and Destroy).
    • Maps may veary.(Best maps are Skidrow and Highrise).
    • You can only stab
    • Equipment can ONLY be throwing knife unless you're not using it.
    • Best Perks are Marathon, Commando and Lightweight.
    • Killstreaks are OFF
    • Glitches are allowed

    Any mistakes? Comment!

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