Okay, so I turned on the ole' PS3 today, jumped straight into Search and Destroy on Estate. YUS! So I equip the Intervention with Stopping Power. I get lucky as the game has just started. I decide to hug the walls of the map and head to the right, past the house, into the nondescript grassy area, much like the rest of the map. I reach the boathouse and scout out the bomb site opposite. So far, so good. I check the stairs and spot a guy camping behind the crates the left of the garage building. Easy kill. Or so I thought..One quick scope to the neck. Hitmarker. No worries, he barely notices. Another drag scope and HOLY SHIIIIITAKE mushroooms. I get two hitmarkers. From 15 feet. With the Intervention. With Stopping Power. FMJ. How the funk? Forget the care package glitchers, sort this out! I don't like conforming with the whiners but seriously, MW2 is broke. However, Bioshock 2's online multiplayer is proving to be very very interesting. I have found that as a level 14 I can come up against a level 1 and lose. Not in a bad way at all, I'm just observing that the multiplayer takes more than a noobish gun to go positive. Not looking at anyone in particular... Infinity Ward.

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