I, MerchantofDeath, say we should have a new system for our wiki. Here are my ideas.....

  • The Adminstrators(sort out changes on the wiki, etc.)
  • User committe ( for users who aren't admins.; only for the users who truly care for our wiki.
  • Judge Users ( like admins, but would solve disagreements.)

Here is what would happen

User A sees a vandal or user and reports him to a Admin. Admin. contact both the leaders of the User committe and the Judges. On a set forum, a Judge/ or Judges ( based on the others votes) will decide the fate of the User, if he needs to be blocked or not.

Another example........

The Admins want to delete an article. Leaders of the Judges and committe are called in. If there is a debate about an article, they will go to a set forum and debate. Judges will make final rulling, unless the other two do not allow (has to be a mandatory number for each group)

Please comment about my idea, if there are any flaws, please help me

Also, if you like my idea, help support it.


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