A couple of days ago, I tried to write a story on Halopedia. I guess I wasn't supposed to, because now I am blocked from making blogs. The User: Smoke, prevents me from blogging now, and I didn't no I was not supposed to write stories on that site. Can anyone contact him and tell him about this, because he blocked me from sending messages to him too. And If you think I was just being a douche to him or a vandal, look at this story I wrote...

(Pvt.Williams was riding in a Warthog covoy toward the city of Xanadu, Reach. The Army was trying to rally up troops to fight off the invading Covenant forces. "Seems like yesterday I was making some bacon and eggs" said the Warthog driver. " I'm more concerned that you keep your eyes on the road" said Sgt. Davidson. The driver ignored the comment, " I said to my buddy on base, If the Covies do invade, I gonna shove one of those grunts straight up a elites as-." An plasma explosion flipped over the first warthog in the convoy, and immediatly Williams jumped out of his seat. The Covenant forces on the ridge next to the road were firing on them. Williams could hear the lietenant colonel yelling into the radioman's radio "-I repeat, we need some airsupport down here" Williams made sure Davidson was okay, and he could see him firing some DMR rounds into the ridge. A elite's dead corpse slid down the hill; one kill for Davidson. A grunt came out from a hiding position and fired a fuel rod at the third warthog, which turned into a ball of flames. "Why does every day have to be a bad day" thought Williams as he grabbed his assault rifle.


P.S.-if you want me to write more, please comment or send me a message.)

( I didn't think a blog-story would get me blocked on a wikia)


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