Ok, this morning I had possibly the best game of Zombies I have had in... memory, clearly. I was easily the luckiest person on the four-player team. In Round Seven, the Mystery Box had relocated to the top of the stairs. We had kept a crawler or two alive, having opened up the rooms leading to the small outdoor section. We decided to get rid of our MPLs and AKs, so took turns in getting a weapon. The first player got a Stakeout, the second received an AUG, and I got the Ray Gun, whilst the fourth managed, after two showings of a Monkey Bomb, to get the Olympia. Two Rounds later, i managed to Pack-a-Punch, and whilst in the room, my three team mates were swarmed and downed. On arriving, I grenade-spammed into the middle of the horde. Luckily, a bottleneck had formed, and after this, the group survived up to Round Fifteen, when I lost Porter's and my buddies got cheated by practically invisible crawlers.

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