Firstly, as the title subtly hints, this isn't a direct weapon wishlist for multiplayer (enough of those already), instead this is an open forum for genuine ideas, whether they be to the story, new gameplay features, character returns, etc. I've already posted this once, but now we know the bare bones of the story, I figured we should revisit these ideas. I'm making comparisons here between Black Ops and Modern Warfare 2. I think I'll start the ball rolling with these:

- A longer campaign that doesn't lose momentum but at times is low-key like some of the subtler moments in Black Ops (Hey, there'll be enough people that agree a shooter doesn't always have to be explosions and helicopter crashes). Would it not have been better to have Weaver and Hudson in "Numbers" sneaking into the building, quietly assassinating Clarke's guards before breaching and capturing the guy? At least that would have been atmospheric.

- A return to the "shown" deployments of MW 1 + 2. Everyone knows what I mean here: it was rare to find a mission started with being dropped off stealthily, as often as not it started with a helicopter crash or more often, jumping straight into the action. This wasn't a problem in WaW, as you were a humble footslogger as opposed to a Special Forces Commando.

- Get rid of the callsigns/nicknames/surnames of the 141 characters. As a limit it should be one per game (i.e. Reznov, Gaz, Ghost) instead, for these missions, EVERYONE had a "secret ID" callsign (save Soap, who'd all but lost his): Meat, Scarecrow, Ozone, Justice etc. Not to mention that the Shadow Company had THE EXACT SAME THING: Butcher One etc. Black Ops had a similar problem: in that no-one was identified by rank: everyone was designated by surname alone. ID'd as Sgt. Woods would have been better. Obviously, I had a problem with portraying the normal Marines as awestruck teenagers whenever they saw the SOG characters, relying on three guys to get rid of an entire advance. The SAS and regular infantry missions appear to have this sorted, but given that most of the 141 is lying in a mass grave near the Georgian border, it shouldn't be a problem any longer.

- A "slightly" more realistic storyline, and one that doesn't rely quite so much on shock tactics, such as showing the Washington Monument under siege. This is fine for patriotic Americans, but leaves everyone else (including me) feeling cold. I don't debate this is effective for you as a plot device. Cheap "shock" tactics are just that: cheap.

- The new Survival mode to not get bogged down with wearisome comparisons to Zombies from bores. Also, for the optional "buddies" (e.g. Delta Force), I want them to work more like additional players than a living Monkey Bomb.

- The multiplayer to be balanced, but not as aggressively as Black Ops was. Please be careful to have a mix of guns designed for one purpose (high damage, high RoF, etc.) rather than one gun that failed in one place, that was then fixed by a single perk. People will probably know that the Vector with Stopping Power is a deadly weapon with a RDS attached.

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