A year ago today, I was finally giving up my status as a Anonymous user and creating an account on Wikia. I had a name in mind, that was "Metlman13"

That was a year ago. Here I am, 365 days later and 1,200 edits later. What have I learned about Wikia and this wiki in general? Well, here's 20 things I've learned:


2. WHISKEY35 is an omiscient god that only appears to users when they do not liscense their images.

3. Smuff, N7, Callofduty4 and Azuris are all nubs.

4. Jar teh marksman, Diegox223, FireBird- and Xd1358 (somewhat) are all pro.

5. Anons generally make trolling or idiotic comments.

6. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is pro. Jar was the one who turned me into a brony.

7. Many of the big editors here are British.

8. I'm a troll.

9. Smuff generally has negative things to say about me.

10. N7 is Forever Alone (and an 8-year old that enjoys boobies).

11. Callofduty4 will always have an intimidating Fluttershy avatar.

12. No matter what MoozipanCheese says, he will never make a 100 things I hate about Black Ops video.

13. AwesomeSauce360 is epic by default.

14. iiii i i i is the greatest troll ever.

15. Sp3c is a nub.

16. Generally all the admins are nubs.

17. Nearly every editor here uses blogs and chat.

18. The only people that use IRC are admins.

19. There will never be a chat poker table (gggggrrrrrrr...).

20. Fanboys are douchebags.

What do you think of this list? Leave a comment below.

Oh, and also:

21. FSO will be epic forever.

22. Sammich will always kick my ass in Mobilized.

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