Oh my god! Metlman is actually writing about something!

Anyways, I've thought about it quite a bit today, and it seems to me people have gone a little bit too far in the realm of movies, TV shows, Video Games and whatnot.

It seems to me that people are letting scores on Metacritic, IGN, and other review sites and newspapers to decide whether they want to see that new film, or play that World of Warcraft DLC. Because of this, people are beginning to wrap their opinions around the reviewer's (i.e. the reviewers say the film is shit, they're professionals, so it must be shit).

I'm extremely guilty of this, and I'm sure most of the people reading this are. The thing we have to remember is that Professional Reviewers are paid to give their opinions and list the positives and negatives of the game/film/episodes. Obviously, they will have a different opinion than you. For instance, IGN scored Metro 2033 a 6.9/10 when it was first released. Many people will beg to differ on this score, because of how they view the game.

There are a few reasons reviewers exist, and one of the most crucial reasons they exist are to make you look at what different people think about the format of media in question. Metacritic is a very wonderul for this, but many people look at the average score, and turn away.

In the end, the only person stopping you from watching/making the person is you. Are you going to read a biography because a reviewer said it was good, or are you going to read an erotic novel, because you want to? Don't let other people's words, especially a reviewers', stop you from this.

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