October 29, 2013 marked 10 years since the first Call of Duty game was released. Starting as a World War II First Person Shooter that saw the player take on the roles of a British, Russian and American soldier fighting Nazis across Europe, the series has since evolved, creating storylines set around Two Cold Wars, a Third World War, and a destructive Invasion.

Call of Duty won awards and praise for having a cinematic quality, and for equally representing the major allies of World War II. The series has continued its tradition of Cinematic single player modes, and has continued a tradition of fun Multiplayer experiences, one that has been with Call of Duty since the first Modern Warfare title released 6 years ago.

Yet, October 29th was an unimportant day this year. No one, not Activision or even Infinity Ward made any recognition of Call of Duty's 10th Anniversary. I forgot about it entirely. I even forgot that day marked 3 years since I made my first edits here.

Anyways, to celebrate Call of Duty's 10th Anniversary (late, of course), what are some of your best memories of any Call of Duty game? Leave your comments below!

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