If you have been following the gaming world lately, you now know that Battlefield 3 will be released in the Fall of this year. DICE had no problem showing off this incredible game, with graphics so real, it feels like you're actually in the game. Meanwhile, there is no word on MW3 yet, or even what the plot will be based on. We do know that Infinity Ward is back up to strength after their crippling loss last year. We also know that the game will be co-developed with companies such as Sledgehammer. with DICE seeking to claim the crown for King of First Person Shooters, what do you think Infinity Ward will do with Modern Warfare 3 in order to stay on the throne it has held for the past 4 years? Feel free to leave a comment, but seriously guys, I don't want any Flame wars or trolling. I want this to be treated like a mature topic, please.

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