Divine Wind is a First-Person Shooter set in World War 2. But this isn't the World War 2 that we are familiar with. This is an alternate World War 2, where the Japanese didn't surrender after the atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, leaving the allies no choice but to proceed with an invasion of the Japanese mainland.

The game starts with a flashback to the final days of the Battle of Okinawa. Corporal James "Red" Ryder, a US Marine, is in a ferocious battle to capture Shuri Castle. The Marines eventually win, at heavy cost. The game then looks at the months ahead, where news of the Atomic Bombings occurs, the Soviet Invasion of Japanese-held China occurs, and the failure of the Nukes to end the war. Corporal Ryder is assigned to Operation Olympic, set to be the largest amphibious landing ever, only rivalled by Operation Coronet, which will occur later.

Operation Olympic, the Allied invasion of Kyushu, the Southernmost island of the 4 main islands, occurs on X-day, November 1, 1945, begins as a fierce naval battle. The Japanese deploy swarms of Kamikaze planes, Suicide Submarines, and other Suicide weapons to sink Allied Ships. Instead of targeting the Aircraft Carriers and Destroyers, as they did at Okinawa, the Japanese instead target the Transports. Ryder, as well as the rest of the Marines on their transports, are scared shitless when they see Zeros flying themselves into other Marine and Army transports. Ryder is put on an Anti-Aircraft gun, and needs to hold against the onslaught of Kamikazes, and there are lots of them .

During the attack, the ship is hit by a Suicide Submarine. The damage isn't threatining to the ship, but it will be if they wait too long. Ryder is directed to a Torpedo Launcher, and is told to defend the ship from the Suicide Submarines and Boats. The engineers repair the ship as best as they can, but it will only hold for an hour or so.

The Marines abandon ship, going onto the Higgins Boats and Amphibious Assault Craft Sooner than anticipated. Several other ships have done the same.

As Ryder looks towards the Japanese coast, he wonders if what he will find on land will be worse than what has happened at sea.

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