This concept is in response to AugFC's concept, Downfall.

War is a concept for a Survival-Horror Third-Person Shooter. It is set in London, in Modern times. You play as a civilian (looks and name are up to you).


The game begins on a December morning in the year of 2012 (Come on, I didn't have any better ideas for years. The character wakes up, to find it much foggier than usual, and walks outside. They hear a loud crashing noise. They go to the source of the noise, and find a giant pod-like object crashed into the side of a building. Humanoid like creatures, with advanced military uniforms (maybe about 10 to 20 years ahead of ours), and firearms (again, 10 or 20 years) exit this vehicle, and begin firing at the other civilians at the crash site.

The player runs to take cover, eventually getting back to their apartment. They find anything to defend themselves with (i.e. kitchen knives, cricket bats, etc.). They then listen to emergency radio broadcasts telling them to head for the nearest Subway station. They slowly advance towards the Subway station (2 kilometers away), brutally killing any of the creatures that find them. As this is happening, the player watches as more civilians are brutally slain in the streets, their bodies being thrown into piles that keep growing by the minute.

As the player nearly arrives at the Subway station, military forces begin arriving, and vicious firefights break out om the streets. Meanwhile, more of these pods crash down, onto buildings, onto streets, everywhere. The player finally reaches the Subway station, now guarded by LMGs and Heavily Armed Soldiers. The player then rests for a few hours.

The player wakes up to sounds of booming artillery, explosions, and gunfire. The Subway station that was heavily guarded is now littered with bodies (the creatures passed the civilian, because they thought he was dead). The civilian gathers up some of the weapons from the dead soldiers. Exiting outside, he finds that it is still foggy, but bright lights shine through the fog. As the civilian moves closer to these lights, he finds the lights to be fires and Explosions.

By this time, the player encounters a convoy passing by them. He goes up to the soldiers, and ask them just what the hell is happening. They reply that is an Extraterrestrial Invasion, and that these landings have been occuring across Europe. The soldiers speculate that the aliens came here to claim fuel deposits (Carbon is the aliens' fuel. The convoy is then hit by multiple missiles, one of which knocks the player out.

The player wakes up in a ruined building, and is told by an Emergency Radio Broadcast to escape the city. He takes his weapon he picked up earlier and begins heading out of London, gunning down any creatures in his path.The player eventually finds a working car, and drives it several kilometers along a barely intact highway, before a RPG hits the back of the car. The player then orients themselves, and defends from wave after wave of an enemy ground attack, before encountering an enemy mech. The player has a dangerous game of cat and mouse with the walker, before an Apache helicopter destroys it with Hellfire missiles. A Blackhawk then picks the player up.

Act II begins in a Military staging point outside of London. After resting for several hours, the player is told that there are alot of civilians still trapped Downtown, and anybody able-bodied is needed. The player is then assigned the role of a Machine gunner on a Blackhawk, providing protection for other helicopters in the area. By this time, the fog has cleared, and the player can see the sheer destruction of the city. The pods have stopped landing at this time also.

The player uses their Machine gun to take down enemy infantry, and learns weak points of mechs, destroying them. An alien cruiser then arrives over the city, and unleashes an EMP weapon over the city, knocking out all friendly electronics. The player's Blackhawk crashes into the side of a building. As the Blackhawk crashed into the building face first, the player enters the building through the Helicopter's cockpit. With a surviving squadmate, the two make their way to the bottom of said building, only to find enemy patrols using snake cameras.

The player and his squadmate evade the patrols, until a snake looking directly at them finds them. All of the patrols in the building are immediately alerted, and the two have no choice but to fight their way out. They take on numerous hostiles, until a laser bombardment from the cruiser destroys the building, knocking the player and the squadmate to the ground.

With his squadmate dead, the player continues alone towards the Thames. As the player reaches the Thames, he begins to see more cruisers arriving, and also friendly fighter jets to take them on. As the battle wages in the sky, giant piles of dead civilains and soldiers are seen, with small towers erected next to them. In these towers, laser turrets lie. The player then begins an extremely cautious swim across the river, eventually making it to the other side. They encounter a Humvee that takes the player away from the city.

Act III begins as the Humvee arrives at the same staging point as earlier. They find that it was attacked and destroyed. In the rubble, they find a Broadcast that states that several B2s have been scrambled by the United States, and that they are preparing to drop loads of MOABs on the cruisers, who have defeated the fighters. On the Humvee, the player mounts a LMG, and defends it for as long as possible. However, the LMG runs out of ammo, and the Humvee attempts to carry on.

The Humvee doesn't last long, and is eventually disabled. The player, and all remaining Squadmates in the Humvee see no other option but to defend the wreck. The player defends it for a long time, until the B2s arrive, and bomb the cruisers. The cruisers are destroyed, but the player is caught in the blast, killing them.

An end narration says that despite massive casualties, the Humans won, and the few remaining cruisers returned to their home planet. The United Nations opens a new branch, the United Nations Defense Force, and begins pooling all the World's militaries into said organization. The UNDF begins building defenses, such as Space mines, and Laser Batteries. They also begin building Space fighters. The game ends with the Narrator voicing a disturbing thought, that the force they encountered was only a Recon force, and that they have yet to experience the full power of the Alien military.

The sequel, War 2, will have it's plot detailed soon. Sorry I haven't gotten around to it.


The Multiplayer of War would be something like a crossover between Red Orchestra and Battlefield, except as a TPS game. There is no HUD whatsoever, you have to aim down the sights in order to have accuracy in your shots, the environment is 99% destructible (the only thing that isn't destructible are the objectives), and there are different classes with which you cannot customize.

There would be 2 factions in Multiplayer: Army and Invaders. The maps are not limited to just London, they are set all around the English countyside, torn apart by the invasion. Since this is set in the UK, the Army is equipped with standard British Firearms, including the SA80 and the FN MAG. For each faction, the classes are as follows:

  • Rifleman: equipped with Assault Rifle and Pistol.
  • Support Gunner: equopped with LMG and Pistol.
  • Designated Marksman: equipped with Sniper Rifle amd Pistol.
  • Anti-Armor: equipped with Assault Rifle, Landmines, Missile/Rocket Launcher, and Pistol.
  • Vehicle operator: equipped with either a PDW, a Sub-Machine Gun, or a Shotgun, and a Pistol.

There would be a few modes, some exclusive to some maps. These could include:

  • Sappers: Destroy the enemy's HQ, and lay mines to protect your own.
  • Total War: Use every possible method to eliminate your enemies.
  • Assassin: Find the enemy's leader, and attempt to kill him, all while protecting your own.
  • Districts: Capture the enemy's districts, and defend your own.
  • Defuse: The enemy has a WMD on the map. Find it, and eliminate it.

I'll talk about the maps soon as well.

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