As sales keep picking up for the Nintendo 3DS, It is becoming increasingly obvious that N-Space, developer of Handheld Call of Duty titles since 2007, will have to transition to the 3DS soon.

In the meantime, I have thought of some ideas for this game:

  • 3 Control Options: When Call of Duty: Black Ops was released for the Nintendo DS in 2010, N-Space made a second control option that utilised mainly the buttons for controls. On February 7th (this is the same day as the release of the PlayStation Vita in North America and Europe), A peripheral for the 3DS called the Circle Pad Pro will release in North America (In Europe, this is released on January 27th). The Circle Pad Pro adds a second Circle Pad, as well as some extra Shoulder buttons, to the 3DS. This could make for a potential 3rd control option for Call of Duty 3DS, this control option using both of the Circle Pads, leaving the other buttons free for other control options (reload, switch weaponry, melee atack, etc).
  • 12-player online: This may be a bit ambitious for N-Space to achieve, but the 3DS is capable of a hell of alot more than the DS was. 12-player online is seen in another Portable FPS, this being Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation for the iOS. 12-player is twice as much as what the last three titles held for Multiplayer, but it could prove to be a success for the N-Space team.
  • Killstreaks: 'Nuff said.
  • Utilisation of 3D graphics that makes it useful in Gameplay: I couldn't provide an example of this, but Super Mario 3D Land was able to use 3D in a cunning way, fron what I have heard.
  • Actually, scratch what I said for the first bullet. There could be FOUR Control Options: The Fourth option would take advantage of the 3DS's Gyroscope, using it in a way similar to Gameloft's iOS titles.
  • Utilisation of StreetPass mode: This one could be interesting. StreetPass mode allows you to put your 3DS in your pocket, and when you walk by someone who also has a 3DS, you can get something. This could work with Call of Duty 3DS through Gamercards. For example, when you pass someone on the Street, you get their Gamercard: This contains their Friend Code, Statistics from the last few matches that they played, Title, Emblem, and Rank.

What do you think of these ideas? Sound off below.

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