Today, thousands of websites participated in a massive blackout, aimed at trying to bring awareness to this issue. I am glad that said websites are doing so, but I fear that the right message is being drowned under fear and scare tactics used by several websites and groups.

SOPA and PIPA are not bills made by the government to try and enforce more control over people's lives. In fact, all this bill is is just a poorly-worded attempt to try and curb a pressing issue on the internet.

Had the bill been worded correctly, there likely would not be as massive protests towards this legislation. However, the vague wording on the bills make all websites threatened.

Instead of characterizing this bill as a mistake, as it should be characterized, several groups have seized this opportunity to claim that this bill was supposed to cenaor the internet at large on purpose. Unfortunately, as I have seen over the past few months, this has led to the intended effect of instilling a sense of conspiracy in Internet users.

Ome example: Anonymous' "Operation Blackout" videos. They claim that this is a bill that is intended to limit free speech on the internet. In fact, this bill was made by a representative from Texas, and Texas as I believe would probably never be against free speech.

I hope you all also see these bills as a mistake, and not an evil conspiracy against the people of the United States. I hope that someone can reword the entire bill to make it so that the internet at large isn't threatened.

Thoughts? Comments? Make yourself heard. All arguments are welcome here.

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