While people may or may not like these titles, it is an undeniable fact that World at War and Black Ops are the two darkest Call of Duty titles in the entire series.

World at War is one of the darkest (if not the darkest) World War II FPS games ever made. In both parts of the campaign, there were very unsettling moments of violence and brutality (Reznov's men throwing Molotov Cocktails at a surrendering group of German Soldiers, a Japanese officer stuffing a lit cigarette in a Marine's eye). The Soviet Campaign was centered around revenge: revenge for the men that were executed in a fountain in Stalingrad, which leaves the Red Army merciless towards any German Soldier. The Marine's campaign was about some of the horrifying tactics Imperial Soldiers used (Booby Trapping a downed Navy fighter, Ramming planes into ships, and faking a surrender so they could suicide bomb their captors). All of this while people are burned alive with Flamethrowers, getting their arms and legs choppped off by Machine Gun fire, and men cry out in agony as they crawl towards their limbs.

Black Ops had some pretty disturbing shit in it, too. Along with the gibbing stuff, Dimitri died slowly and horribly from a poison gas, as did that guy from the second half of Rebirth. Does anyone else remember the part of Victor Charlie where Kravchenko is describing the effects of Nova 6 when he tested it on the civilian populace?There was also that scene at the beginning of Payback that, although being taken directly from the film The Deer Hunter, leaves you wondering how anyone would be cruel enough to do that to their prisoners. Reznov's quest for revenge after seeing his best friend die before his eyes fuels the game, and Mason's mental illness as a result of brainwashing makes the game all the more dark.

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