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User blog:Metlman13/Which video game will you buy this November? BF3 or MW3?


Which video game will you buy this November? BF3 or MW3?

Just an hour ago, MW3's teaser trailer was released, which can only mean one thing: MW3 has been officialy announced. The release date, according to the leaked info on Kotaku, is scheduled for 11/08/11. Meanwhile, Battlefield 3 is also releasing in November. TWO FREAKING AWESOME SHOOTERS IN THE SAME MONTH?????? OH HELL YES!!!!!! So which one will you guys get? I personally might get both.

Just to tell you guys now, I do not want trolls and fanboys of either series infecting this blog. I want people to stop being so fucking childish on these blogs. If the blog is overloaded by trolls or fanboys, I will disable commenting. So, feel free to leave a comment.

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