"Spilt blood on the floor of a grey grey room...."

Nacht Der Untoten was the first zombie map and the most basic, absent of perks, equiment and a pack a punch machine, this small dark german bunker is where the zombie storyline began.....well for the player..

Nacht der Untoten

The horde rises..

( Note this review is for the World at War version )

This is one of the hardest maps on co-op, getting past round 20 is tricky, most of the guns of the wall are weak at those later rounds, The thompson and BAR would run out of ammo and shotguns like the Trench gun would be a hassel to reload in the tight area's with zombies around...

If your lucky to get the raygun from the box, be careful with splash damage since theres no Jugg, Light machine guns are powerful like the MG42 but again the reloads are a pain...camping next to gernades is good since you can't get flanked however you and your team mates would have to orgainise firing...

alas the only real way to go into the high rounds is with a flamethrower in solo...running between the pillars in the help room doing a circule the point its pateince that will determine your survival...

This map hasthe darkest feel to it, and while the map itself has little to no easter eggs, Its still mysertious..

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