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  • I live in Ireland-Serbia
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    “Raphael over here” shouted Tito, Raphael listened “Sit down son”. “So what’s the baby’s name?” asked Tito “Mišo, after his father” answered Raphael. “Imagine, born to a step-father” Tito quoted “Weird, though it doesn’t make a difference does it, other than Mišo will never know his father” followed Raphael. “Anyway I better be going” said Raphael. When he was walking around he seen Nikola’s wife helping her son to walk, Raphael asked her where was Nikola and she pointed at armoury. “Congrats Raphael, she made it” Nikola said to Raphael “Thanks, do you know when we are moving?” acknowledged and asked Raphael “Don’t know comrade, don’t know” replied Nikola.

    Marija-Elena was lying in bed holding Mišo in her arms when she heard a knock on the …

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  • Mob Hitman29

    One year ago, just after the Battle of the Neretva

    “Raphael, we found him” said Mišo. “Ante can you hear me?” asked Raphael but there was no reply, the partizan was dead. “Come on we’ve got to find a metre of dirt” marked Mišo and Raphael grabbed his shovel and started digging. “Poor Ante, he would have been happy to know he had a daughter born today” Mišo stated while lifting the body into the ground. “This war is a waste of life isn’t it Raphael?” said Mišo “Yes an awful waste” replied Raphael putting the dirt over the body before leaving.

    “Marija-Elena you are the moonlight of a Dalmatian night…” sang Raphael “Just why are you singing about my girlfriend?” asked Mišo “She still likes me brother” answered Raphael. Mišo then pushed Raphael …

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  • Mob Hitman29

    One month later, January 1944

    The battle was showing signs of end but signs of heating up again. Raphael was dug into a hole fighting Bulgarian forces. “Throw the grenade” he commanded and the ordered partizan threw it though being shot. “MEDIC” shouted Raphael and one came over to the injured partizan. “Oh Vodnik Stankić…” said the medic “they want you back at camp”. “Ratko you’re in command for now” ordered Raphael as he went towards the camp.

    On the way he encountered a small number of Bulgarian elite troopers. He tried to steer away from them but one of them seen them and ordered the others to fire at Raphael. He then had no other option but to open fire on them. He just jumped out of his cover and started firing upon the Bulgarians kill…

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  • Mob Hitman29

    The Germans started firing at number of partizans before they got attacked themselves. It was a complete ambush. Raphael seen his mother and dragged her to cover. “Why son, what was that for?” she asked “Mama I need you to take cover, I’ll get someone to cover you but for the mean time head to the hut were me and Marija-Elena are” Raphael explained and his mother just ran towards the hut. “You guard my hut will you” commanded Raphael and the partizan he ordered obliged.

    Nikola and his squad were taking cover behind some barrels. “Ivan I want you to use my pistol and fight” Nikola ordered his son. The boy lifted the pistol and started firing. “If the Germans get too close run just run please” Nikola told Ivan”. Soon enough a storm trooper st…

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  • Mob Hitman29

    December 1943, Dalmatia

    “I’m sorry about Mišo, Raphael” Raphael looked up and he seen Father Jovan “I know he was your best friend and it’s also sad that his child will never see their father” the priest said again. “You aren’t concerned about the child being illligament are you Father?” asked Raphael “Of course not, you know I’m not conservative, why do you think I’m fighting a war for communists” replied Jovan. “Ah comrade priest” Nikola came up “A partizan was killed, we need you to give him the last rights” he said “I’ll speak to you later Raphael” Jovan said.

    “Here Raphael” said Marija-Elena handing Jovan a bag “What is it?” he asked “Just some salted pork, Ivo’s wife is making them” answered Marija-Elena. “Tastes good, you had some?” s…

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