February 20th 1943 River Neretva

Mišo woke up under a tree while Raphael was searching a dead Chetnik for cigarettes. The two men both who witnessed their small group gunned down by Chetnik rifles only a few hours ago and were determined to meet up with the rest of the Partizans. “Raphael, do you know where the rest went?” asked Mišo “Southeast I think” replied Raphael.

The two had known each other all their lives and were closer than brothers despite their backgrounds, Raphael was the only child of two teachers and was obviously educated by that while Mišo was the illiterate son of a large farming family. Mišo is also a lot more mature than his friend. Though both men had a few natural things in common, one was their Croatian ethnic and two was the will to bring freedom to their people.

The two had joined the Partizans because of their belief in freedom. Though neither men are communists themselves let alone any good knowledge of the concept. “Raphael, do you at all understand communism or socialism?” “Not really my dear friend except the fact your parents wouldn’t have liked it one bit.” Mišo then replied to Raphael’s statement “What do you mean? Doesn’t communism not represent the dirt farmers? ”Yes, but your parents were strongly devoted Catholics?” Mišo then replied again “But isn’t Father Jovan not a Partizan?” Raphael didn’t answer instead he had his eyes on something, a group of Chetnik scouts.

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