Raphael ran carrying Mišo on the shoulder towards cover. “Don’t worry my friend you’re going to make it” Raphael said “I know I am, I always do” Mišo replied. It seemed the partizans began gaining the upper hand and the Germans began loosing. Raphael started carrying Mišo again it seemed to become more quite. “Raphael…” said Mišo “What my friend?” asked Raphael “Do you think I should give up?” Mišo responded. “Why should you?” asked Raphael “You’re right I shouldn’t” replied Mišo followed by Raphael “That’s the spirit”.

“Come on Mišo, you have a beautiful girlfriend waiting for you and…” marked Raphael before Mišo interrupted him and said in a quit weak voice “Marija-Elena” “That’s right and you’re going to have a baby with her in eight months” finished Raphael. “Hey Raphael look after them will you” said Mišo “Of course Mišo, we’ll be like family. ‘Uncle’ Raphael huh” replied Raphael. They kept walking until they finally seen some partizan officers. The partizans also had broken through the lines. “Are they alright?” wondered Tito “Jesus that’s the two Vukovar boys, Raphael and Mišo” exclaimed Ivo. “We made it Ivo” shouted Raphael “Comrade Tito, we did it” he said again before collapsing to the ground.

“You lost a lot of blood Raphael, take it easy” said Ivo at the bedside of Raphael. “Where’s Mišo? Where is he?” Raphael kept saying. Ivo looked as he didn’t want to say anything. “Where is he Ivo?” he asked again. “I’m sorry Raphael, Mišo died” Ivo said sad himself “He was dead when you came down from that hill, you did loose a lot of blood” said Tito. “Ivo where’s Marija-Elena?” asked Raphael “Outside” said Ivo. Raphael walked he turned to cry when he seen Marija-Elena’s face “He’s dead” cried Raphael. They walked over to each other and cried. “He told me to look after you and the baby, he would have wanted it like this” cried Raphael “It’s okay” cried Marija-Elena “I love you Raphael Stankić” she said “and I love you too Marija-Elena Modrić” followed Raphael

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