The Germans started firing at number of partizans before they got attacked themselves. It was a complete ambush. Raphael seen his mother and dragged her to cover. “Why son, what was that for?” she asked “Mama I need you to take cover, I’ll get someone to cover you but for the mean time head to the hut were me and Marija-Elena are” Raphael explained and his mother just ran towards the hut. “You guard my hut will you” commanded Raphael and the partizan he ordered obliged.

Nikola and his squad were taking cover behind some barrels. “Ivan I want you to use my pistol and fight” Nikola ordered his son. The boy lifted the pistol and started firing. “If the Germans get too close run just run please” Nikola told Ivan”. Soon enough a storm trooper started firing his gun, Nikola was hit but be managed to kill him. “Run Ivan, please” Nikola said to his son but when he ran a storm trooper ran “IVAN” shouted Nikola who then grabbed a hatchet and ran towards the German “Die you child murdering scumbag, die” cried Nikola hitting the trooper. Eventfully he died and Nikola ran towards Ivan and lifted him up and ran. “IVO” he shouted “Where’s Muhammad?” “There” answered Ivo pointing at a badly injured man. “Muhammad could you help Ivan?” asked Nikola crying “I can’t help my self, get another” Muhammad replied “What about you comrade?” asked Nikola again “Just give me that pistol”. Nikola knew the doctor was in no state to be left alive and gave him the gun. Muhammad said thanks and Nikola ran towards Raphael and Marija-Elena’s hut and a bang was heard from Muhammad’s area. “He needs help” Nikola told the partizan “Yes vodnik” and Nikola ran in. “What’s wrong Nikola?” Tito asked him “He was shot, I knew Ma…” but before he could finish Marija-Elena took Ivan from his arms “I’ll try my best till a doctor gets here” she said.

Outside the Germans were beginning to pull back. Ivo lit a Molotov cocktail and threw it at the remaining SS and does who weren’t hit ran. “Good job commander” said Raphael before he headed back to his hut. “Comrade Tito” he greeted “Comrade Vodnik” Tito greeted back “It’s over” he told him. “Nikola are you ok” Raphael asked “Ivan was shot” Nikola told him. A doctor came through the door “Don’t worry Nikola I’ll try my best and hopefully he’ll make it” he told. A few hours passed and the doctor came out “Good new and bad Nikola, the good he’s going to live and the bad he’s going to need to walk with a crutch for some time” “How long?” asked Nikola “Don’t know” answered the doctor.

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