One month later, January 1944

The battle was showing signs of end but signs of heating up again. Raphael was dug into a hole fighting Bulgarian forces. “Throw the grenade” he commanded and the ordered partizan threw it though being shot. “MEDIC” shouted Raphael and one came over to the injured partizan. “Oh Vodnik Stankić…” said the medic “they want you back at camp”. “Ratko you’re in command for now” ordered Raphael as he went towards the camp.

On the way he encountered a small number of Bulgarian elite troopers. He tried to steer away from them but one of them seen them and ordered the others to fire at Raphael. He then had no other option but to open fire on them. He just jumped out of his cover and started firing upon the Bulgarians killing all four of them. He then ran towards the road again presuming it would be safer. He then seen the car the group came in and got in. Luckily the keys were still in it and he drove off towards the camp. “It’s me Raphael” he shouted at then got out.

“Where to?” he asked the front guard “Tito’s hut” the partizan answered. He was greeted by Ivo at front door who then opened it. In the front room he met a doctor wearing a blood soaked apron and Tito. “You have a very brave wife Raphael” said the doctor and Tito got up and told Raphael to follow him. Tito then opened the door to a room where they seen Marija-Elena holding a baby in her hands. “Congratulations” said Tito “Thank you Tito” acknowledged Raphael while he walked over to his lover and her child. “It’s a boy” told Marija-Elena “what do you want to call him?” she asked then and straight away Raphael said “Mišo, in honour and memory of the father he’ll never know”.

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