One year ago, just after the Battle of the Neretva

“Raphael, we found him” said Mišo. “Ante can you hear me?” asked Raphael but there was no reply, the partizan was dead. “Come on we’ve got to find a metre of dirt” marked Mišo and Raphael grabbed his shovel and started digging. “Poor Ante, he would have been happy to know he had a daughter born today” Mišo stated while lifting the body into the ground. “This war is a waste of life isn’t it Raphael?” said Mišo “Yes an awful waste” replied Raphael putting the dirt over the body before leaving.

“Marija-Elena you are the moonlight of a Dalmatian night…” sang Raphael “Just why are you singing about my girlfriend?” asked Mišo “She still likes me brother” answered Raphael. Mišo then pushed Raphael “come on then, who wins gets her” he said “I was only joking Mišo” Raphael replied. “You’re a lucky man Mišo” said Raphael “Marija-Elena is a good girl and I wish you many happy years”. To Mišo this was one of the most mature things Raphael had ever said.

Back at the camp they met Nikola “He’s dead isn’t he?” he asked and his two squad members nodded their heads. “Sad, he had a baby daughter today, I’ll tell his wife he died later, when she is more capable” Nikola remarked “Anyway, Mišo and Raphael I need you two to kill a Hungarian officer, not far from here. It will be easy, just do it at night and run after he’s shot, with a sniper rifle of course” he explained and the two partizans agreed. Later before they set out, Marija-Elena kissed both of them. After she kissed Raphael he woke up, he seen Marija-Elena moving back and handing him his step-son, Mišo. “You want to hold him?” she asked him and he held him.

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