“Raphael over here” shouted Tito, Raphael listened “Sit down son”. “So what’s the baby’s name?” asked Tito “Mišo, after his father” answered Raphael. “Imagine, born to a step-father” Tito quoted “Weird, though it doesn’t make a difference does it, other than Mišo will never know his father” followed Raphael. “Anyway I better be going” said Raphael. When he was walking around he seen Nikola’s wife helping her son to walk, Raphael asked her where was Nikola and she pointed at armoury. “Congrats Raphael, she made it” Nikola said to Raphael “Thanks, do you know when we are moving?” acknowledged and asked Raphael “Don’t know comrade, don’t know” replied Nikola.

Marija-Elena was lying in bed holding Mišo in her arms when she heard a knock on the door. “Come in” she said “How are you keeping?” asked Tito when he came in “I’m fine” she replied “and the baby” Tito asked again replied by Marija-Elena “Fine”. “He looks like his father, doesn’t he…” said Tito “except I’ll think he’ll be blonde like you” he continued, Marija-Elena smiled at him. “We’re going to be moving forward in two weeks, you and Raphael can stay in this room until so” Tito marked “Thank you” appreciated Marija-Elena.

“Raphael” said Father Jovan “How’s Marija-Elena?” he asked “She’s good” replied Raphael. “You coming in?” asked and Jovan agreed. “Hello Marija-Elena and what’s the baby’s name?” Jovan asked Marija-Elena “Mišo, same as his father” she answered. “Are you thinking of baptising him?” Jovan asked again “When we find a Church” replied Raphael getting into bed next to Marija-Elena “Ok, none near here anyway I think” said Jovan. “He’s too young yet anyway” said Raphael “I know” responded Jovan “I’ll be going” he said again. Raphael put his arm over Marija-Elena and helped her hold Mišo.

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