“What is it Raphael? Our men?” asked Mišo “No” replied Raphael “Oh no, Germans? Ustashas? Who?” Mišo went nervous “Chetniks” said Raphael. Mišo grabbed his rifle and was ready to fire, Raphael reloaded his Thompson and did the same “On my command Raphael” ordered Mišo and then he pointed his hand in the Chetniks direction and the two men opened fire. All but one Chetnik was killed in the ambush.

Mišo went over to him, the Chetnik pointed his gun at Mišo only to find out it had jammed and before he could do anything else Mišo grabbed him and slammed him up against the wall which he took cover from the gunfire. “Who is your commander?” shouted Mišo “Why should I tell you?” said the Chetnik “WHO?” went Mišo again “Draža Mihailović” joking answered the Chetnik “Shut up and tell the truth” angrily replied Mišo “Pavel…” said the Chetnik “Pavel who?” asked Mišo “Pavel Jevđević” said the Chetnik “where are you based?” asked Mišo “That farm up on the hill” he answered “Thank you” said Mišo before he took out his knife and slit the Chetnik’s throat. “Why did you ask him that?” Raphael asked “I know who he is” replied Mišo “Who then?” asked Raphael again “The man who ordered my wife and daughter to be killed.” “Ok should we move?” replied Raphael “What do you think?” “We should use the uniforms of the two Chetniks we killed last night” recommended Raphael “You can but I’ll take this one” replied Mišo”

The two Partizans in Chetnik uniforms went up to the front of the farm “Hello Vodnik” said the Chetnik at the front of the entrance “Greetings Comrade Serb, any chance of meeting the commander?” responded Mišo “Why of course Vodnik he’s in his office, master bedroom” “Thanks”. Mišo and Raphael went into Jevđević’s office “Sit down Vodnik” said the Chetnik Commander “No thank you” replied Mišo “Why standing is for your solider over there Vodnik you should sit” said Jevđević “Get up” ordered Mišo pointing his gun at Jevđević’s head while picking up his pistol on the desk. “What is the meaning of this Vodnik?” asked Jevđević confusedly “Stop calling me that commander” said Mišo before hitting him in the nose with the gun. Mišo continued to beat the commander to a pulp “who are you and why?” asked Jevđević crying “The name is Mišo Franić and you killed my family” said Mišo before stepped on his neck and started twisting it eventually killing Jevđević. “I understand” said Raphael before being ordered by Mišo to try and contact any Partizans with the radio.

“They’re on their way Mišo” said Raphael “The Partizans?” “Yes” “Good my friend” replied Mišo. But before long a group of armed Chetniks who were ready to take their commander to see the battle came in. Raphael was shot and Mišo dragged him to cover. Mišo took Raphael’s Thompson and started firing at the Chetniks. “Raphael I need another drum” “Don’t have any” Raphael replied “What are you talking about?” asked Mišo “Left them at the tree” answered Raphael “Jesus, hope they get here soon” and Mišo got his rifle and started firing at the Chetniks. “Raphael, play dead” said Mišo and before long a Chetnik shot Mišo, wounding him. The Partizans then came in forcing the Chetniks to go and fight them. A Partizan then came up to the two and asked “Mišo, Raphael?”

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