“Where am I?” asked Raphael “The Field Hospital” “Nikola, is that you?” “Yes”. “What happened?” asked Raphael again “You were shot up in the farm” answered Nikola. “Relax Raphael, you’ve had it ruff” said a nurse and Raphael lay back “I’ll check on your friend” she said again and left. “Who’s the nurse, Nikola?” asked Raphael “Her name is Marija-Elena, she’s from Dalmatia. Why?” replied Nikola “Oh just wondering you know” remarked Raphael.

Mišo was already awake when Marija-Elena went into the room “You okay?” she asked and Mišo answered “Just a bit sore in the arm”. “You’re going to recover fully from this Mišo” Marija-Elena” stated “How do you know my name?” asked Mišo “It’s a nurses right to know a patients name and Nikola told me your names” Marija-Elena replied. “So Raphael made it, anyway you are?” “Marija-Elena” she answered. “You’re from Vukovar aren’t you Mišo?” “Yes and you?” answered and asked Mišo and she replied “Dubrovnik”. “Any family?” asked Mišo again “My father was killed in a boating accident when I was young and my mother became a nun sometime after” answered Marija-Elena “Your mother’s a nun?” said Mišo confused and she replied “Yes, I spent though my childhood in the orphanage but she still loved me as her child and what about you Mišo?” “I had a wife and daughter, Chetniks killed them” he said sorrowfully, “Oh, sorry about that, what age was your daughter” responded Marija-Elena “Three” replied Mišo. Marija-Elena turned to almost crying, hugged Mišo and left the room.

A few days later Raphael ran up the Mišo and said “hey Mišo did you see that nurse, Marija-Elena?” he replied “Yes”. “What do you think of her?” asked Raphael and Mišo replied “Good looking, caring…” “Hey Mišo do you think she’ll like these flowers?” asked Raphael eagerly “Do you even know her that well?” “Of course I do” sharply responded Raphael “why would I be giving her the flowers”. Raphael walked into the hospital and handed Marija-Elena the flowers and the two walked out. “Raphael I don’t know about you and me” she said awkwardly “I do like you, but…” “…but what?” Raphael asked cutting her off “It’s just that you’re a bit boyish and I’m looking for a mature man” answered Marija-Elena looking at Mišo “but Mišo is only twenty, don’t let the looks fool you” said Raphael “I know Mišo is only twenty” replied Marija-Elena and she ran over to him and hugged him.

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