Raphael, Nikola, their squad and a few others including the injured tank commander, Ivan-Pavel. “Are you alright to fight Ivan-Pavel?” asked Raphael sound very concerned “Yes I am, thank you” answered Ivan-Pavel and Nikola followed “Of course he is, it was just pistol bullet”. “Look up on that hill, it’s a camp” stated one of the partizans “We should go up and see” said Raphael.

At the side of the camp the partizans lay looking in, it was an Ustasha camp and they seen their captured allies. “We’ve got to be careful” marked Nikola “but the only way is to make noise” replied Ivan-Pavel “He meant not to shoot ours” said Raphael. The group ran into the camp and started firing at the Ustashas, some managed to attack the partizans in hand-to-hand. At the end though they were defeated and the group freed their captured comrades. “Mišo wear’s Boris?” asked Nicola “He went up with you” and Mišo pointed at a dead partisan “There’s Boris, they killed him”.

The captives were helped down the hill, they had been beaten and tortured. “Raphael, how’s Marija-Elena?” asked Mišo “she’s fine” said Raphael. At the camp they were being expected “Tito” said Raphael “You organised a group to rescue your friend and his task group without any official order from me or a superior officer?” Tito asked “Yes, comrade Tito” Raphael answered nervously “Good work on rescuing them” Tito said cheerfully “Just be carful”. Marija-Elena ran over and embraced Mišo “Were you worried” he said “Yes very worried” Marija-Elena said. “Mišo there’s something I have to tell as well” “What is it babe?” he replied and she answered “I’m pregnant”

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