“Okay Raphael this is your squad” said Ivo, Raphael looked puzzled “Yes your squad, you’re a Vodnik now” explained Ivo “A Vodnik, how?” Raphael asked very confusedly “That little heroic action 2 weeks ago, well we decided to promote you, say goodbye to Nikola and Mišo when you come back” Ivo explained again. Raphael and his squad then went into the forest towards the location of the Tzarist camp.

Outside the encampment the squad took cover “Tomislav ready your sniper” ordered Raphael “wait until the planes fly over” When the planes flew over the sniper took out two Bulgarians. The group’s leader pointed out towards their position and a solider went out to scout and when he came over to the partizans position he was ambushed. Raphael disguised himself as the Bulgarian and went over to the camp “So Ivan you find anything” asked the sergeant “No” answered Raphael. Raphael only knew some Bulgarian and was lucky that it had some similarities with Croatian. Raphael noticed an ammunition pile and if he had a match or lighter he would be able to cause some trouble so he took out a cigarette and started asking the soldiers for one. “Lighter, match” he asked around the camp the a solider gave him a match “Thank you, long live Boris” he said, the Bulgarian just looked at Raphael and walked away and after Raphael lit up his cigarette he through the watch at the TNT next do it ammunition pile. There was an explosion followed by the sound of gunfire and the partizans at the trees started firing at the Bulgarians. Raphael took cover and grabbed the intelligence officer, still wearing his earphones. If it wasn’t the partizans that killed the Tzar’s finest it was the bullets from the explosion and vice-versa. At the end of the chaos Raphael pulled the intelligence officer up and shouted “It’s me Raphael”. They headed back to camp.

“How do you like my uniform Ivo?” was the first thing Raphael said when he got back. “My God, Raphael, my God” Ivo kept nodding “how did you do it, just how?” he kept asking “I’ll tell you later” Raphael said with a grin on his face.

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