Mišo and Marija-Elena we’re talking about what to call their child “If it’s a boy Mišo, what should we call him?” asked Marija-Elena “I don’t know? Boris, Ivan, Jovan, Vladimir, Pavel? What?” he replied “How about Raphael?” said Marija-Elena “Why Raphael?” asked Mišo “Well because of the man who painted the Madonna and a lot more” she replied. “Marija, you’re forgetting that Mišo isn’t educated” remarked Raphael walking beside them. “You want us to name our child after that idiot?” asked Mišo sniggering “Raphael’s no idiot and you should be grateful, he saved your life” answered Marija-Elena in an unusual angry manner “He tried to win you from me” said Mišo and she again said “so what” and Mišo just gave in.

“You alright Nikola?” Raphael asked “Yes thank you Raphael” he said back. “How are the wife and kids?” Raphael asked again “Little Ivan is sick and Anđela and my wife are okay” replied Nikola. “Nikola” said the doctor coming up to him “Ivan has to rest for the night, we’ll be stopping not that far from here” issued the doctor “Ok doctor” replied Nikola.

“I think I could live with Raphael, I suppose” Mišo said to Marija-Elena. “Ah Mišo, Marija-Elena we’ll be stopping not that far from here” Tito told the couple “Why are we stopping here sir?” asked Marija-Elena “We need the rest, you especially dear. Stay with Ivo will you as well” Tito explained. “Mišo, how does he know our names?” asked Marija-Elena “Well likely from Ivo, Raphael or Nikola” answered Mišo.

“I haven’t seen you around” Tito said to Ivan-Pavel “Well yes I lost my tank group after I was shot”. “What is your name comrade?” Tito asked “Ivan-Pavel” he answered “And we’re you from Ivan-Pavel?” Tito asked again “I am from Skopje” answered Ivan-Pavel”. “And just out of curiosity Ivan-Pavel can you speak Bulgarian?” Tito asked again “No I have a man with me, in the tank obviously who helps us get the direct speech into Macedonian” answered and explained Ivan-Pavel “That’s ok, go on my friend” Tito said afterwards.

“Marija-Elena you shouldn’t be here, you’re having a baby” said Nikola in the hospital “Oh Nikola I was just leaving anyway, the doctor wants to talk to you”. “Is he going to be alright Muhammad?” asked Nikola “I’m sorry Nikola” said the doctor “What’s wrong, what is wrong with him?” shouted Nikola “I’m afraid that Ivan has pneumonia” the doctor answered “Would he make it?” asked Nikola who was turning to cry when Tito and Ivo walked in “Muhammad” said Tito “Commander Tomčić and I have granted that Vodnik Vidić be aloud to stay with his son until he recovers from his illness” he continued. “What is the illness anyway doctor?” asked Ivo “Pneumonia” and Tito said “in the summer months it wouldn’t take that long to recover” “But who will medicate the kid?” asked the doctor “Nikola is my solider Muhammad and out of the guards I place I’ll pick my best medic as well” added Ivo. “Good luck” the four men said to each other.

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